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Why Women Should Consider Hormone Therapy During Menopause

The hormone therapy is an approved treatment for women undergoing menopausal discomforts. When a woman reaches the menopause stage, their body no longer secretes the estrogen and progesterone hormone naturally. Lack of these important hormones lead to menopausal symptoms which include absence of vaginal fluids, disturbed sleep and hot flashes. The symptoms provide a lot of discomfort in a woman’s life hence interfering with their normal way of life. The hormone therapy is also helpful in preventing the bone-thinning disease that affects women in menopause. Two of the known hormone therapy medications are ET and EPT, whereby ET stands for estrogen-only therapy which is advised for women whose uterus have been removed because of hysterectomy and EPT meaning estrogen plus progesterone therapy given to women who still have their uterus. Women who are in menopause stage are advised to take the hormone therapy due to their extra benefits even though the menopausal changes can be manageable at times.

The benefits of hormone therapy heavily depend on which type of prescription on is taking. The menopausal discomforts are majorly relieved by the estrogen-only therapy, hence being the most beneficial. The estrogen-only therapy may be tablets, sprays, skin patch, creams or gel. They are able to release the estrogen hormone into the body, hence easing vaginal dryness, burning and itching, resulting in comfortable intercourse.They work by releasing portions of estrogen into the bloodstream, resulting in relieving the menopausal discomforts like itching, burning, and dryness of the vagina, hence the woman can have intercourse comfortably. Women who take ET sleep comfortably since the therapy relieves hot flashes and prevents sweating in the night.

The type of hormone therapy that is estrogen combined with progesterone (EPT) is beneficial in that is prevents a number of cancers. It has been proven that EPT puts women away from the risk of getting colon cancer. The second type of cancer prevented by EPT is uterine cancer which might be caused by excess production of estrogen. Another advantage of EPT is that it also prevents heart disease and helps in protecting women from getting osteoporosis which is a bone-thinning disease. It has been proven that EPT both prevents and treats osteoporosis.

The hormone therapy prescriptions that come in low doses have been seen to also treat some urinary tract infections.

During menopause, most women experience extreme mood swings due to the changes, luckily, hormone therapy is also used to balance the moods and make them stable. Healthy relationships at work, with friends and with life partners is restored by using hormone therapy, since mood swing can make one become irrational and make unwise decisions. When a woman reaches the menopause stage they are faced with many health complications which make them less productive, luckily, the hormone therapy cover a number of issues by preventing some and treating others all at the same time.

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